About the Austins

Laurence Austin and Marcia Foster-Austin are your hosts and innkeepers of the Holidae House.  Laurence and Marcia have been married 12 years, a second marriage for them both. They moved from Southampton NY, on the East End of Long Island to Bethel nine years ago to become innkeepers, having fallen in love with the area and the inn itself. Laurence, born in Kent, England formerly served as the US  director of Rosenthal, Inc., a large German china and glass manufacturer, arriving in the US to run the American subsidiary of the company. More recently he was the General Manager for a boutique hotel and restaurant on the east end of Long Island, NY. In addition, he worked in the field of addiction treatment for 16 years. He is the Inn’s chef and greeter and front-of-the house. Marcia was a school counselor, educational trainer and more recently a Grants Coordinator for a large hospital. In addition to being the baker for the Inn, and the IT person, she runs Foster-Austin Grants Consulting preparing grant proposals for Non-Profit organizations. She also is a Federal grant reviewer. They each have two grown children and there are three wonderful grandchildren in their lives, as well as a rescued 9 year-old black poodle named Annie. They are both avid readers, and enjoy being in the natural beauty of the Bethel area.

James, James Bond!

James, James Bond!

2010 Wales and England 007 - Copy - Copy

Laurence takes long walks around town and Marcia enjoys kayaking and participating in the Western Mountains Senior College. Together they love going to the UK, especially Wales and the southern coast of England.

Laurence at the famous sign post in Maine2010 Wales and England 032